Sausage Seasonings, Mixes and More!


The Home Gourmet’s Toolbox

Many of us have a toolbox (or many!) in our shed or garage loaded with a variety of tools. How many of those tools do we actually use? In some cases, they’re used once and put away to never again see the light of day.

The Home Gourmet can rely on Grandpa Josh to fill your pantry with “tools” that will be used time and time again. Not a gourmet chef? That’s okay. Grandpa Josh’s seasonings, sauces, soup mixes and more are the tools you need to seem like a true chef. All the ingredients are included and the instructions are crystal clear. Grandpa Josh will help you create dishes from breakfast to dinner and snacking in between that will impress the Home Gourmet and transform the home cook to the gourmet level. See links below: